Дифузерни Системи и Дифузерни Масла

1. Scentiment S1200

1. Scentiment S1200Scentiment S1200 diffuse


  • This is the most innovative aroma system created with an exclusive design developed in two neutral colors to suit the interior of any room.
  • Eco Friendly Technology – Works with certified diffuser oils and perfume compositions produced by the best global manufacturers with the Scentiment brand, as the diffuser oils are transformed into a gentle mist of aromatic fine drops.
  • One diffuser is completely sufficient to aromatize a room of up to 1200 cubic meters. (Example for a room: up to 400 sq.m. with 3 m. height)
  • The diffuser can work alone in your room or be installed in a ventilation system.
  • The diffuser works with the best quality calibrated Japanese pump with a warranty of 10,000 working hours or 2 years.
  • Fully programmable with very easy setup.
  • It’s not an aerosol

Suitable for use in Homes, Yachts, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Lobbies, Casinos, Clubs, SPA centers, large public buildings and offices, shopping centers and industrial premises, as well as in any other type of premises.

1. Scentiment S1200Technical specification

  • The diffuser has a fan for better dispersion of the aroma.
  • Maximum capacity of the diffuser oil bottle 180-190 ml.
  • Power consumption 8W
  • Completely silent < 16 dBa compared to other diffuser systems
  • CE certificates
  • Covers rooms up to 1200 cubic meters (400 sq.m. room with a height of 3 m.)
  • Diffuser size: L 155 mm / W 70 mm / H 215 mm
  • Maximum consumption of Scentiment diffuser oil for 1 working hour or 60 working minutes = 1.6 – 1.8 ml.±5% (Working hour = 60 min continuous evaporation)
  • Diffuser colors available: White / Black
  • Price for 1 diffuser: BGN 350 incl. VAT (*The price does not include diffuser oil)
  • Scentiment S1200 DIFFUSER OILS Scentiment S1200

Scentiment diffuser oils 200 ml.

All the aromas we can offer you are produced by certified World and European leading manufacturers of professional aroma systems, which guarantees their uncompromising quality at the highest level. They are absolutely pure with a high content of concentrated essential oils and perfume compositions, which makes them extremely natural and long-lasting, they do not cause allergies in people with hypersensitivity to aromas, they are completely harmless to pets and do not destroy the ozone layer.

Enjoy the curated TOP selection of fragrances for the Scentiment diffuser system, including perfume, gourmet and fruity fragrances.
Price: Diffuser Oil for 1 piece 200 ml. – BGN 100 incl. VAT

1. Scentiment S1200Scentiment S1200FRAGRANCE:

  • Pomergranate
  • Mon Legends (Inspired by Mont Blanc)
  • White Flowers
  • Everfresh
  • Velvet
  • X Mas (Christmas Scent)
  • Bitter Peach (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Narcisco (Inspired by Narciso Rodriguez)
  • Noir (Inspired By Tom Ford)
  • Lost Cherry (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Tuscan Leather (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Savage (Inspired by Christian Dior)
  • SPA (Aroma with a relaxing effect)
  • Adore (Inspired by Adorable)
  • Feel (Inspired by Feelings)
  • Hugo (Inspired by Hugo Boss)
  • Declarations (Inspired by Cartier)
  • Baccarat Rouje (Inspired by Maison Francis Kurkjian)
  • Erba (Inspired by Sospiro)
  • Vanilla Sky (Unique vanilla flavor)
  • Crave (Inspired by Calvin Klein Crave)
  • Croissant Butter
  • Blossom (Inspired by Boutique Perfumery Laboratory)
  • Tobacco Vanilla (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Pear & Caramel
  • Black Flower (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Tresor (Inspired by Lancome)
  • Black Opium (Inspired by YSL)
  • Bella (Inspired by Lancome)
  • Scandal (Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier)
  • Almond Marzipane
  • Santal Royal (Inspired by Guerlain)
  • Marvelous Musse (Inspired by Hermes)
  • Issey (Inspired by Issey Miyake)
  • Carolina (Inspired by Carolina Herrera)
  • Aqua (Ocean)
  • Ethernity (Inspired by C.K.)
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Melon & Maracuja
  • Papaya & Grape
  • Fig
  • Terre (Inspired by Hermes)
  • Pi (Inspired by Givenchy)
  • Invictus (Inspired by Paco Rabanne)
  • Oud Shafrane (Inspired by Christian Dior)
  • Sii (Inspired by Giorgio Armani)
  • Odor (Neutralizer of unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke)