Scentiment, Inspired by Scent

We know everything about indoor air freshening!

Scentiment, Inspired by Scent

Inspired by aromas, we at Scentiment offer you a unique range of fragrances, all made according to the strict criteria and requirements of our registered brand and our global and European partners who have proven experience in the production of air freshener systems. That is how we can provide you with lasting and realistic scents made with high-quality and certified fragrance mixtures and oils.

Each space has its own identity. Capture this original style and express it with a unique scent – we will take care of the rest because we know how!

The perfect scenting is based on several factors:

  • Choosing the right scent for the style of your space.
  • Choosing the appropriate spraying technology: aerosol spray or innovative diffusion system that ensures more effective results.
  • Programming and adjusting the spraying correctly for an effective and lasting scent fully in line with the characteristics of your space – location, direction, type, size, air conditioning, ventilation and air flow.
  • Comprehensive and regular servicing that helps maintain the high quality of each service offered.

“Fragrances affect the human brain like a drug and immediately influence people’s thinking and judgement of their own consumer behaviour.”

Alan Hirsch