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SMART Scentiment Car Luxury Perfume

SMART Scentiment Car Luxury PerfumeOur new ultra-luxury diffuser system Scentiment Car Luxury Perfum has many advantages over other car fragrances. It will satisfy your expectations, even if you are the most demanding customer!


Specially developed UltraSonic technology for nano diffusion, which functions and works maximally efficiently and economically.


Extremely luxurious and intelligent, central button from which you can control all modes of operation.


  • When held for more than 2-3 seconds, it turns on/off
  • Convenient battery recharging via USB-C port.
  • Three levels of fragrance strength

I Level (5 sec Work / 600 Pause)
II Level (5 sec Work / 180 Pause)
III Level (12 sec Work / 60 Pause)

  • Full recharge in 3 hours
  • 72 hours of full autonomy
  • Automatic Start/Stop function (When entering the car, it is triggered by vibration, 5 minutes after complete rest, it automatically turns off until the next time your car door is opened.)
  • Li-Ion battery

Works with oils Scentiment – Car Luxury Perfume 20 ml.

Price for the Scentiment Car Luxury Perfume diffuser system: BGN 125.00 incl. VAT for 1 item

Price for diffuser oil Scentiment 20 ml.: BGN 35.00 incl. VAT for 1 item

Price for a set of 1 pc. Scentiment Car Luxury Perfume diffuser system + Scentiment diffuser oil 20 ml.: BGN 160 incl. VAT

Diffuser Oils Scentiment 20 ml.

Price for diffuser oil Scentiment 20 ml.: BGN 35.00 incl. VAT for 1 item

SMART Scentiment Car Luxury PerfumeSCENTS:
  • Blossom (Inspired by Escada)
  • Erba (Inspired by Sospiro)
  • Savage (Inspired by Dior)
  • Oud (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Baccarat Rouje (Inspired by Maison Francis Kurkjian)
  • Santal Royal (Inspired by Guerlain)
  • Feel (Mystic Boutique Perfume)
  • Adore (Mystic Boutique Perfume)
  • Crave (Inspired by Calvin Klein)
  • Invictus (Inspired by Paco Rabanne)
  • Bitter Peach (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Lost Cherry (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Merveilles Muse (Inspired by Hermes)
  • Tuscan Leather (Inspired by Tom Ford)