06. Odor Neutralizers for air and textiles

Odor Neutralizers for air and textiles

ЗTo neutralize unpleasant odors from cigarettes, canal, food and other unpleasant odors.
Scentiment neutralizers are extremely effective because they neutralize and at the same time leave behind a fresh neutral scent of purity.

They can be used both in the air and on textiles such as upholstery, carpets, rugs, curtains, towels, bed linen, towels, mats, car insoles and other textiles. The neutralizers for textile materials do not leave stains and do not stain the surfaces thanks to the specially created formula.

The neutralizer is ideal for home or professional use, it is gentle on nature and safe for your family and your pets, and is not intended for use on the skin.

We offer you 3 different types of Scentiment neutralizers

  1. Scentiment neutralizer for air and textiles in a package of 250 ml. with a sprayer that is sprayed by hand in the air or on textiles.

  3. Scentiment air neutralizer in aerosol packaging – 250 ml bottle. which is placed in our programmable Scentiment Dispenser.

  5. Scentiment air neutralizer 200 ml. Diffuser Oil, which is placed in our Scentiment programmable diffusers.