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5. Scentiment Home Selection C500 and S300 Diffuser Oils

5. Scentiment Home Selection C500 and S300 Diffuser OilsScentiment Home Selection diffuser oils 200 ml. are suitable for all models of Scentiment diffuser systems

All the aromas we can offer you are produced by certified World and European leading manufacturers of professional aroma systems, which guarantees their uncompromising quality at the highest level. They are absolutely pure with a high content of concentrated essential oils and perfume compositions, which makes them extremely natural and long-lasting, they do not cause allergies in people with hypersensitivity to aromas, they are completely harmless to pets and do not destroy the ozone layer.

Enjoy the curated TOP selection of aromas for the Scentiment Home Selection diffuser system, including perfume, gourmet and fruit aromas.

Price: Diffuser Oil Scentiment Home Selection for 1 piece 200 ml. – BGN 60 incl. VAT


  • Pomergranate (Pomegranate)
  • Lost Cherry (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • SPA (Aroma with a relaxing effect)
  • Adore (Inspired by Adorable)
  • Feel (Inspired by Feelings)
  • Hugo (Inspired by Hugo Boss)
  • Declarations (Inspired by Cartier)
  • Baccarat Rouje (Inspired by Maison Francis Kurkjian)
  • Erba (Inspired by Sospiro)
  • Vanilla Sky (Unique vanilla flavor)
  • Crave (Inspired by Calvin Klein Crave)
  • Black Flower (Inspired by Tom Ford)
  • Scandal (Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier)
  • Santal Royal (Inspired by Guerlain)
  • Marvelous Musse (Inspired by Hermes)
  • Melon & Maracuja
  • Papaya & Grape
  • Fig
  • Invictus (Inspired by Paco Rabanne)
  • Sii (Inspired by Giorgio Armani)